Mew coming to Pokemon Go?

It looks like the legendary Pokemon, Mew, is about to enter Pokemon Go!

In Pokemon lore mew is seen as one of the first Pokemon that all others evolved from. Mew was one of the featured Pokemon in the first Movie along with his clone, Mewtwo. In the original games (red, green, blue), Mew was only available through special Nintendo events that allowed you to obtain the mysterious Pokemon. What I’ trying to say is, Mew is kinda a big deal.

Now it looks like Mew is about to make his way into Pokemon Go thanks to a news update posted on the official site that features the pink Pokemon hovering above the official logo.

The update points out that some important Pokemon research needs to be done. There will be mysterious happenings all over the world and it’s up to the trainers to complete these research tasks. Completing the research will nab the player some useful rewards including items and encounters with certain Pokemon!

There is no specific mention of how exactly Mew will be added, but it may be similar to how other legionaries were brought into the game, with players around the world completing certain tasks to unlock them for raid encounters.

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