Deadpool Trailer Two Gathers the X-Force

The second Deadpool trailer dropped today assembling the X-Force to stop Cable.

The first Deadpool movie was a huge hit when it was released in February of 2016, making $783 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of only $58 million. The success can be placed in a large part to Ryan Reynolds promotion of the film as well as great reviews.

The first trailer for deadpool 2 featured the titular character portraying Bob Ross is some painting antics and mimicked the kind of promotion we would see from the first film.

The second trailer is a bit more action packed and gives us a better look at Josh Brolin’s Cable character as well as showing us the assembling of the X-Force. Overall it looks like the second coming of Deadpool will build on what worked in the original while adding more characters to the mix.

Deadpool 2 releases in theaters on May 18.

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